Product Care

  • Please always hand-wash your crystal products with soft sponge and mild detergent without using a dishwasher as it may scratch the crystal surface.
  • Carefully manipulate crystal products making sure to avoid surface scratching.
  • Please do not clean with any rough texture detergents or cleaners that could scratch the glassware.
  • Avoid products from contact with hard and sharp objects.
  • Products must not be placed in the microwave or conventional oven as they may be damaged.
  • Colored or painted products – please avoid the colored or painted exterior from contact with responsive substances such as various acids, a chemical reaction may occur that could damage the outer surface.
  • Use polishing preparations to prevent influence of the natural process of gold and platinum oxidation.

CLARESCO glassware is handmade in the Czech Republic. As a result of the hand-made techniques, each glass is unique original and each piece slightly varies from the other. Please accept slight varieties and imperfections, which are the true sign of handcrafted Bohemian crystal.

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